I’ve Been…

  • Published in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal. Click the link to read my flash fiction, “Following the Ghost”
  • Writing, writing, writing… and slightly less fun editing, editing, editing….
  • Reading pretty much everything written on Girls at Library. It’s a great site that features books and recommendations from women of all different ages and walks of life. It’s great to get a peak into someone else’s reading habits!
  • Kind of loving the celebrity book club trend. I know a lot of people sort of roll their eyes  at them, but I’ve interested in what people from all walks of life have to say about books. If Emma Roberts, Emma Watson, Florence Welch, and Reese Witherspoon want to share what they’ve been reading, then great! They have a unique perspective that I’m sure informs their ideas and opinions about books. And if it inspires fans to check out some of those books, that’s even better. On a possibly related topic I’ve been wondering why it seems like only female celebs are embracing the book club trend…
  • Embracing all the free workouts you can find online. Cocolime Fitness is an amazing resource for people with chronic pain and fatigue issues. Jessica Smith TV also has great workouts for people of all fitness levels. Why would anyone pay for gym membership?
  • Thinking about joining bookstagram. Stay tuned…
  • Becoming hopelessly addicted to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Apparently it’s a book series too. It’s going on my TBR right away. Definitely recommended for lovers of period drama, the 1920’s, and mystery with touches of humor.
  • Loving summer vacation as a teacher, just as much as I did as a student!

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