Maybe I’m a Luddite, but I’ve never really embraced instagram. Why?

Well, some of it has to do with being somewhat private- I’m not fond of the idea of posting a lot of pictures of myself and my life for anyone to see.

But another part of it is simply the fact that I hate my phone. Oh, I still use it; for calling, texting, looking things up when I’m on the go, keeping track of things, reading the occasional e-book, and yes, taking pictures. I do not want anything to happen to it because I rely on it for day to day life. But given an alternative, I’ll usually go with that. If I’m going to use the internet for more than a quick google search, then I like using my laptop. So an app that I can only use with my phone never appealed to me that much.

So why have I started one now? A few reasons. For the sake of honesty I’ll admit that part of the reason is that my book is coming out soon, and instagram is a platform for promotion. But there are other reasons. By lurking on a few accounts I’ve seen various ways that it can be used creatively. Bookstagram has shown me that it’s a nice way to connect to other readers, talk about books, find out what they’re reading and what they think of it.


So without further ado, here is my instagram. On it you’ll find various bookish people, places and things. Really that’s the only criteria. So follow me if that interests you and let me know where I can find you!

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