I’ve Been…

  • Getting book recommendations with Whichbook. It’s great. Set the sliders according to your mood and get book recs.


  • Loving 36 Questions, a new musical written as a podcast. It’s about a married couple in crisis that uses the 36 Questions, an exercise introduced in a NY Times Modern Love essay  that’s supposed to allow strangers to fall in love by asking and answering intimate questions.  The 36 questions were also featured on an episode of The Big Bang Theory.  In the musical podcast we meet a man and a woman who have been married two years, when the man learns that his wife has been lying about her identity the entire time. To save their marriage she insists on doing the 36 questions so that he can get to know the real her. It was written, directed and composed by Chris Littler and Ellen Winter. It stars Jonathan Groff and Jessie Shelton. If you listen to the podcast and like the songs, you can buy the music from each episode.
  • Also loving Modern Love. It’s a weekly column in the NY Times. Each column features a true love story. Some are happy some aren’t. Some are romantic, and some explore other kinds of love. There’s also a podcast where actors (Debra Winger, Minnie Driver, Emmy Rossum, Laura Dern, Kristin Chenoweth,  Colin Farrell, Michael Shannon, and many others) read the columns.
  • Binge watching Grantchester. Why is murder so much more palatable when it takes place in a small English town 50-60 years ago, and is solved by member of the clergy?
  • Putting some finishing touches on my Beautiful manuscript, and trying to put together a released day and launch plan (stay tuned!)
  • Shocked at how the summer is flying by….

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