Because Apparently I Have One Lovely Blog!


First thing’s first, a big thank you to the lovely orang-utan  librarian for nominating me. It’s actually my first time being nominated for one of these, so it’s extra exciting!


  1. Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post.
  2. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
  3. Must add 7 facts about themselves and then nominate 15 people.

Not too long ago, I shared 25 Random Things About Me. I don’t know how many facts about myself I can think of, but here are a few more.

  1. I love musicals. On stage and on screen (though different things work in different mediums). If you get me started on the subject, make sure you have time because I will tell you about the difference between “soundtracks” and “cast recordings” and explain why Stephan Sondheim is a genius.
  2. I’m passionate about story telling in all its forms. I think that’s why I love books, film, and theater so much. It’s also why some of my favorite music is music that acts as a storytelling device.
  3. When I was a little kid, I rarely wanted to be me. I preferred to be someone else. For a while I wore braids, red patent leather shoes, carried around a stuffed dog in a basket and made people call me “Dorothy”. But I would occasionally vary that with other characters.
  4. When I was a kid I used to go to the library and take out as many versions of a given fairy tale as I could find. Then I’d compare and contrast. “In this version the stepsisters cut off their toes to fit into the glass slipper” vs. “In this version they just try to shove their feet in.” Then of course there was Cinderella’s fairy godmother doing her favors vs. her mother’s ghost. And no, I did not just limit myself to Cinderella, I varied the fairy tales.
  5. When I was in college, I tried to write a romance novel- the trashy kind that you see at the supermarket. It quickly got out of control and became an epic that will probably be my life’s work!
  6. I was never afraid of bugs until I got a spider bite that got infected. The doctor gave me an antibiotic that didn’t work. I ended up getting cellulitis and spending three days in the hospital getting a new antibiotic through an IV. Now when I see spiders, I run.
  7. My first job (aside from babysitting which I did through high school) was a summer job at my local library.

I don’t know if I know 15 people/blogs to nominate, but I’ll give it a try: Holly @ NutFreeNerd, Jessie @ Dwell in Possibility, Caitlinsternwrites, A Dreamer’s Library, Jessicabookworm, Meg’s Magical Musings, Mythos and Mirth, Novelladdict, NovElla & Banannabelle, Moon in Gemini, Pretty Books, Keira @ Pirate Lady Pages, BrizzleLass Books, Pages Unbound, and Novel Darlings.


8 thoughts on “Because Apparently I Have One Lovely Blog!

  1. Yes you do have a lovely blog 😀 I love storytelling in all forms too 😀 hehehe that’s such a sweet story about dressing up as Dorothy!! That’s really impressive that you did that with fairy tales as a child- I didn’t start thinking about that until I was much, much older. Yikes that’s such a scary spider story!!! I was once bitten by a spider in the middle of a rainforest- kinda freaked cos they’d already told us we were too far from a hospital to do anything about if we were bitten- thankfully it was fine except for a little swelling! But yeah, spiders are scary stuff!!


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