A Few Things I’ve Learned/Grown to Love

A lot of the things that I love have been instinctive, day one, passions for me- stories, chocolate, snow… Something inside me screams “yes!” to all of it. But there are other things that I’ve grown into over time.


  • Nonfiction– Fiction will always be my first love (I can’t abide too much of the real world!) but as an adult, I’ve also embraced several forms of nonfiction. I like memoirs and biographies of people whose lives interest me for whatever reason. I like some history books as well. My nonfiction reading tends to veer toward narrative nonfiction. You can’t keep me away from stories too much!
  • Exercise– I used to hate working out. While I’m not exactly a gym rat now, I do sometimes enjoy a low impact cardio workout or some yoga or pilates. I find it’s a good way to de-stress when I’ve got too much nervous energy to do something more “relaxing”
  • Naps– I hated naptime in preschool. Now I wonder what I was thinking! How could I not have suspected that a whole life lay ahead of me, full of days of school and work where I would be cranky and tired and need a nap but not be able to take one?
  • Tea– I used to think it was just kind of “blah”. Now I can barely go a day without it. I think the change had something to do with discovering the fact that tea was more involved than a bag of Lipton, and that I could make it just to my liking.
  • Coffee– Or more specifically iced coffee. For some reason, I still haven’t learned to love hot coffee. So usually I just drink iced coffee in the summer.
  • The Holiday Season– As a little kid it was somewhat stressful because I was afraid of Santa (what? he’s  a creepy old man who breaks into people’s houses?!) and hated rehearsing for the inevitable holiday concert at school. Once I got over, that I quickly learned to embrace the cheesy holiday movies, family, decorations, music, and festivity that seems to start with Thanksgiving and end with the New Year and a fresh start.
  • Rain– At some point, I realized that a lot of my favorite activities take place indoors and that sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book and some tea on a rainy afternoon. I love the sound it makes as it hits my windowpane. It makes me feel like the world has taken a shower and is now clean!

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