A Few Brief Updates

Firstly, Beautiful is now available as a paperback! You can get it here (or get the ebook if you prefer!) Just a reminder, if you like the book please leave a Goodreads/Amazon review. It’s one of the best ways to support an author.

Second, I made a Pinterest page for Beautiful here. It’s mostly a lot of pictures and things that I used for inspiration as I imagined different parts of the story. I’ll try to keep it updated for my WIP as well. If you read the book and want to know how I imagined a certain character or place, head over here. If you just want to know what the inside of my head looks like at any given point, this may well give you an idea.

pinterst screenshot

Finally, I want to apologize for all the shameless self-promotion of the past couple of weeks. This blog will be back to normal soon. Thanks for sticking it out with me!


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