Top Ten Tuesday: Bookstore Bucket List

For that Artsy Reader Girl’s Top Ten Tuesday:

October 16: Bookstores/Libraries I’ve Always Wanted to Visit

I’m only counting the ones I’ve never been to! Someday I want to go on a worldwide tour of bookshops. Maybe I should set up a GoFundMe…



  1. Shakespeare and Company (Paris, France)

pic from

2. Mr. B’s Emporium (Bath, UK)


pic from

3. City Lights Books (San Francisco, CA)


pic from

4. Honesty Bookshop (Hay on Wye, Wales)


pic from

5. Libreria Acqua Alta (Venice, Italy)


pic from

6. Livraria Lello (Porto, Portugal)


pic from

7. Librarie Avant-Garde (Nanjing, China)


pic from

8. El Ateneo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


pic from

9. The Bookworm (Beijing, China)


pic from

10. Persephone Books (London, UK)


pic from

Have you been to any of these? Did I miss any that I need to add to my itinerary on my fantasy tour?

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookstore Bucket List

  1. This is an excellent list! I’d like to go on this worldwide bookshop tour as well please and thank you! In fact, I’d happily settle for just the UK locations. I forgot about Mr. B’s Emporium when I made my list, so thanks for the reminder. Their reading subscription service sounds like so much fun!

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