What’s The Good News?

With a few exceptions, it definitely feels like the news is pretty bad. Actually between floods, fires, shootings, bombings and more, turning on the TV or glancing at a newspaper has felt a bit like bracing myself for an attack. So I decided to collect small bits of good news as I find them. A lot of the time they’re not huge things. But they’re small ways that people are being kind and helpful to one another and seeing them reminds me that there’s still good in the world. So I decided to share a few in the hopes of brightening the spirits of others a bit:

  • This celebrity hair stylist gives free haircuts to the homeless. Sometimes a small change in appearance can make a  big difference in someone’s life:
  • Rosa’s Fresh Pizza serves 50-100 free slices to the homeless every day due to small donations from customers. $1=1 slice.
  • https3a2f2fblogs-images-forbes-com2ftrevornace2ffiles2f20182f092foceancleanfeatured-2The world’s largest Ocean Clean Up has officially begun. This $20 Million system aims to clean up, reuse and recycle the 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic found in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch


  •   4 year old Austin Perine uses his allowance to feed the homeless.
  • 181030103100-southampton-bookshop-human-chain-exlarge-169October Books, a small nonprofit bookshop on England’s south coast, was forced to relocate after a rent increase. They were able to buy another space, just down the road, but relocating their stock furniture and shelving was a potentially expensive enterprise. So 250 local volunteers formed a human chain moving what they needed to by hand.
  • When this little boy’s sister got hit by a basketball she started to cry. He immediately gave her a hug and a kiss and then told her “you’re strong,” gave the ball back to her and lifted her up to help her dunk the ball.
  • This lady was trying to pay for gas with pennies. Some guys noticed, and gave her the cash that she needed to pay for it. She burst into tears at the offer, telling them that her husband had just died and she wasn’t usually like this. When she asked how she could repay them, they told her to “pay it forward”.
  • Donut City in Seal Beach California has opened at 4:30 am, every day for almost 30 years. When owner John Chhan’s wife, Stella suffered a brain aneurysm, she began the long path to recovery. He continued to run the shop by himself but got back to Stella ASAP. When his customers learned about the situation they bought more donuts and pastries earlier in the day, so that John could get home to Stella sooner. Sometimes he is even able to close the shop by 10am.
  • I posted this a few weeks ago, but the Charity Miles app uses corporate sponsorship to donate to charities for every mile you walk/run/bike/dance etc. Not only does the exercise make you healthier, but it’s all for a good cause. You can choose from over 40 charities that help children, animals, the environment, health and more. You can change the charity you fund-raise for whenever you want.

I guess the point of this post is to remind people that even though the news is bleak sometimes and absolutely devastating at other times, there are kind people out there, who put good out into the world in big ways and small. Sometimes just seeing it and sharing it, can make you feel a bit better.

14 thoughts on “What’s The Good News?

  1. This is a great idea–and so heartwarming! I especially love the story about volunteers helping move the bookstore stock and the one where the customers bought their pastries earlier so the owner could be with his wife.

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  2. I heard about little Austin a few months ago! His parents are doing an excellent job raising such a kind and giving boy. Not to mention he’s so, SO adorable! And regarding the celebrity hair stylist: I read about a similar hair stylist / barber who gives free haircuts to the homeless in NYC. So it’s good to know someone else is doing the same in another big U.S. city.

    Thank you for all these wonderful reminders about the good in our world, Fran. 🙂

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    • Austin’s dad is now helping him set up the Show Love Foundation which will help provide the homeless with food, toiletries, drug rehab and shelter integration on a larger scale. They have a fundraiser here: https://www.gofundme.com/show-love-fight-hunger

      I didn’t know about the guy in NYC doing the same thing, but I’m glad to hear it.

      Sometimes there’s so much ugly news out there, that I feel like I need these stories just to keep going!

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