I’ve Been… Social Distancing Edition

  • woman in white face mask

    Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

  • Setting up my life so that I can run it from my apartment. During our first week of social distancing/self isolation it felt like many people were talking about learning to speak Latvian/writing the great American novel/ arranging their pantry alphabetically in all their new spare time. I was running around making sure I had some non-perishables in the house, trying to get my insurance company to authorize me stocking up on my prescriptions as per CDC recommendation (long story short: it can’t be done), and setting up zoom meetings so I could work from home. In other words it’s been more stressful than usual in every practical way.
  • Grateful that we have the internet. Because how miserable must this stuff have been before we could complain about it to our family and friends 24/7?! Seriously, I am grateful to have something that keeps me connected to a lot of people even while we’re physically isolating ourselves. It helps to know that we’re in this together and  that we’re all anxious and frustrated.
  • Thrilled with some of the creative ways that people have come up with to cheer each other up and entertain each other. Look for more about that in my next blog post.
  • Worried about high risk family/friends and people in general.

And in non virus news:

  • Rereading His Dark Materials trilogy. I’ve been meaning to reread these for years, but I had planned on it before the TV series aired. I didn’t get around to it obviously, so I’m doing it now. I haven’t read it since I first read the books as a teen. I’m really interested in how some huge scientific and philosophical concepts are incorporated into what is intended as a children’s story.
  • Binging Jamestown. It’s not great. It’s not even very good most of the time, but it’s good enough to keep me watching.



5 thoughts on “I’ve Been… Social Distancing Edition

  1. A lot of this sounds familiar as things I’ve been doing, too. I didn’t do too much stocking up, because I’ve already got a fair amount of essentials stashed away, though of course I will need to pick up perishables at some point if we’re not on total quarantine.

    Stay well! I hope you got everything set up for the new home life without too much trouble.

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