I’ve Been (Starting to Think About Publishing Edition)

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  • Really enjoying Amazon’s Carnival Row. Has anyone else seen it? It’s a fantasy-mystery set in a sort of steampunk Victorian England called the Burgue, where humans and mythical creatures live side by side (though not without significant problems…) It’s definitely not perfect, but I really like it. It was renewed for a second season but production halted due to the pandemic. Then it resumed, then it stopped again. As of now there are five episodes for season two filmed, and Amazon plans to release those and then film the rest when they can. I’m hoping that’ll be soon!
  • Also really liking Netflix’s The Chair.
  • In a bit of a reading slump. For me, reading slumps don’t make me read less (nothing makes me read less!) but I enjoy it less. Probably because I’ve read several “blah” books in a row. Here’s hoping I find something good soon!
  • Getting lots of ideas for posts. I don’t know why that is, but my drafts folder is bursting. So stay tuned for more.
  • In the stage of editing hell where every word I write seems absolutely unpublishable and I start to wonder if I was crazy thinking that I could write another book.
  • Trying to make my internet presence a little more author-y (since I’m starting to work on actually publishing Frost. Ahhhhh!). I’m looking at new templates for my website, updating information, making logos… In some ways my blog/social media presence is all over the place. I know it’s supposed to be targeted to my potential audience and I should be focusing on read alikes for my blog, and similar genres in terms of film, tv, etc. But I’m not a focused person. My interests run far and wide, and I’d rather be myself online than focus and build a business. Besides you never know what will turn up in my writing someday.
  • Starting to think about getting some advance reviews for Frost. When Beautiful was published, one thing I wish I’d known is how much having advance reviews help with pre-orders and initial sales. So I definitely want to think about it for this release.
  • Wondering how on earth some authors are able to write and release several books a year! (see this post for more about that) I want to get to the point where I can do one book in two years, but it takes me four years per book to write/publish at the moment. Who knows if/when I’ll get there? I keep telling myself that’s OK: writing and publishing any books is an accomplishment! But I feel like I have a lot of stories I want to tell….
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14 thoughts on “I’ve Been (Starting to Think About Publishing Edition)

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  2. Oh yeah, it’s crazy how quick some writers can write (I’m looking at you, Stephen King). And when you factor in other things such as editing, pitching, and marketing, it’s almost as if there’s not enough time to do the actual writing! Anyway, thanks for this post!

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  3. Good luck!

    I’m with you: I try to keep my posts focused narrowly on my genre, but then I … don’t. It’s too narrow, it bores even me. Plus my books are kind of genre-bending, so there are a lot of things that could legitimately tie in. Plus, sometimes you just have to do a silly post … or a rant … I like to read those things on other people’s blogs, so I hope they keep my blog fresh too.

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  4. Ok, so…”I know it’s supposed to be targeted to my potential audience and I should be focusing on read alikes for my blog, and similar genres in terms of film, tv, etc. But I’m not a focused person. My interests run far and wide, and I’d rather be myself online than focus and build a business.” – OH MY GOSH, YES. If you figure out how to do this, can you let me know?? My first book is due for peer review next spring and, as I write, I keep thinking about refining my social media presence but that seems so boring to me! I adore what you wrote here. I feel very seen in this! I try to refine the “business” side of my writing/online presence but it always feels so limiting and/or unauthentic. So thank you for sharing so I know I’m not alone in it :).

    And CONGRATULATIONS on being so close to the publishing stage!!!


    • Thanks, but I’m also in the “this is totally unpublishable, why did I ever think I could do this?” stage. With my first novel, I was daring myself to publish the whole time. I thought this time I’d have more confidence, but now that I’m here there are new challenges and insecurities. Maybe that’s true with every book…

      If I do figure out how to target my online presence I’ll definitely let you know! But right now I’m not sure that I want to try. I’d rather be myself and hope that appeals to people. It’s nice to know that someone else is trying to figure this out too!

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      • I get that. I’m not sure I want to try either. Life is so busy and so full and some people are great at that sort of social media work. I’m not XD. But I do enjoy the random and eclectic way I use it so why change? As you said above…it’s who I am! But IF you do figure out a secret, I’ll still like to know ;D.

        I’m sorry you’re in a confidence-trying phase. This past weekend I realized my research and writing has been slowing a bit and I wondered if maybe part of it was my doubting myself. You know? I *think* I know I’ve got this…but maybe there are other parts of myself that don’t and their hesitancy is affecting the process. Who knows? If nothing else, it’s something to put on the list to talk about with my therapist!

        Maybe you’re right, though. Maybe it IS just a part of writing. Maybe this little crisis of confidence this “Is this even worth saying??” just comes with the territory. Regardless, I’m sorry you’re there but I think it’s AMAZING you’re sitting in those feelings and owning those feelings and working with them, too. So I’m celebrating you in all that and I hope you are, too :). Good luck! I’m also sending all sorts of positive vibes your way!

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