The follow up to Beautiful: A Tale of Beauties and Beasts called Frost. It’s inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen and it’s coming soon, so stay tuned for updates!

When Aoife met Brendan, a handsome, warmhearted artist, she thought she’d found her happily ever after. But when Brendan gets a commission for a new painting, his behavior starts to change. Before Aoife knows what’s happening, he’s mysteriously gone. Aoife suspects that dark magic might be behind his disappearance. In order to rescue her beloved, Aoife begins a dangerous journey that will take her far beyond the limits of the Seelie court, and the borders of her Faerie home.

Neve lives in the frozen north, with only her enchanted mirror and her pet wolf for company. She watches Faerie through her mirror and when she sees talented artist, Brendan, she falls hard. In order to make him hers, Neve casts a spell. But with Brendan near, Neve finds herself facing questions about herself and her life that she never anticipated.