Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Blogs/Websites

For That Artsy Reader Girl’s Top Ten Tuesday:

August 14: Favorite Book Blogs/Bookish Websites

This seemed like an interesting change of pace. I decided to avoid WordPress blogs here because that could be a whole nother post.


1. Girls At Library  – Features book focused interviews with women of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Series including “Nightstand” (women discuss what books are on their nightstand), “There’s A Book For That” (literary prescriptions for a variety of ailments) and a book club with live events and an online community.


2. Belletrist  Yes, it’s run by Emma Roberts. Don’t judge. Her taste isn’t bad! It features a monthly book pick and an independent bookstore of the month. There’s also a blog with interviews, pics, and more


3. Literary Hub   Be careful with this one because it’s very easy to spend half the day on this site! It features diverse voices, interviews, essays, reviews, reading lists and more including excerpts from some of the books they talk about.


4. Electric Literature–  This is sort of a cousin of the Literary Hub since they share founders. This site features the Read More Women series featuring articles and books by diverse women,  a Recommended Reading section featuring short stories, poetry, and novel excerpts. Actually, it’s another potentially hazardous time suck.


5. Modern Mrs. Darcy –This is actually run by a woman who is not related to the Darcy family at all. She’s actually a blogger who talks about books (a lot!). It features a  podcast, a literary matchmaking section, a book club, book deals, and more.


6. The Silver Petticoat Review – Technically this is a romance-themed “entertainment” site but the focus is heavily on books and literary adaptations. There are lots lot lists like “50 Books To Read If You Love Jane Austen” or “The Romantic Profession: 18 Wonderful Films About Writers You Need To Watch


7. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books– This is a fun site that is ostensibly focused on “trashy” romance, but really the definition of that is very broad. Some of the books featured on there don’t have a very strong romantic element. There’s a podcast, reviews, a blog and special features ranging from knitting patterns to a “best of” section.


8. Book Riot– Another site that is a little too easy to get lost in. It features reviews, a podcast, videos, a reader challenge,  and articles like “Why You Should Read Fluff Books,” and “How Bookstores Help Calm My Anxiety.”


9. Read it Forward- This site has a lot of lists, which makes it perfect for me because I love books and I love lists! You’ll also find author essays, interviews, a podcast, the Book Apothecary which prescribes books based on your mood, giveaways and more.


10. She Reads For some reason one of my guilty pleasures is seeing what celebs read. Maybe because what a person reads can tell you so much about them, so seeing a celeb bookshelf is like the ultimate insider gossip. Regardless this site facilitates that addiction with its Celeb Reads page. It also features book lists based on what you like. For example, if you’re a fan of The Bold Type this is the list for you. It also features first looks, cover reveals, excerpts and giveaways.

I’ve Been…


  • Working. Hard. Mid-Winter break has just started and I find myself needing it desperately. I think that if teachers didn’t have these breaks we’d go absolutely insane. The kids would too, but teachers? Definitely. If you’re a parent and you don’t think teachers work hard, think about how difficult your kids are. Then picture 30 of them in a classroom. Try to manage their behavior. Plan lessons. Be accountable for their learning. Add some administrative responsibilities. Get the idea yet? I love my students but I definitely like being able to give them back at the end of the day. That’s how I know I’m not ready for kids of my own (well that and other reasons!)
  • Polishing up my Beautiful manuscript. In the next month, I plan to send it out to a few more beta readers just to make sure that all the wrinkles are smoothed, and then compile the whole thing, send out some advance copies to reviewers and see what happens! When I first decided to publish it, it felt like I was daring myself to do it. It still feels like that but in a more real way. Like it’s actually happening.
  • Working on the (so far) untitled follow up to Beautiful. I’m about halfway through which is a tough point. You’re not at the beginning where it’s new and you’re excited anymore, and the end is still a long way off…
  • Watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which is living up to the praise I’ve heard. I got a 30 day free trial of Amazon prime a few days ago and I’m trying to take advantage of it as much as I can before it runs out. Recommendations are welcome!
  • Reading a lot of the Belletrist book club picks. It feels sort of weird to choose books based on the recommendation of a celebrity, but Emma Roberts has good taste! So far I’ve read The Rules Do Not Apply, Sex and Rage, and South and West. The Immortalists and An American Marriage are also on my TBR.